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8 Holiday Markets You Don't Want To Miss 0

Your mom loves scarves,  your niece is wayyy tooo into shoes, and you have three dogs that should get a holiday gift too! It's no surprise you can't get all your holiday shopping done in one place so we're here to help with this guide of awesome holiday markets...did we mention all the goodies you'll find are from local businesses just like Kissed by the Sun! Happy shopping KBS'ers! 

Shea's Shopping Soiree | Nov 16th

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Rochester Science Musuem Holiday Bazaar | Nov 17th

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Greater Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Holiday Spectacular | Nov 17th - 19th

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Buffalo Women's Gifts | Nov 25th

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Makers and Shakers Boozy Artisan Market | Nov 25th

Click Here For More Information


Totally Buffalo Festival | Dec 2nd - 3rd

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Ellicott Square Artists Market | Dec 6th

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42 North Brewing Holiday Market | Dec 9th

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5 Unusual Ways to Use Rosemary You've Never Thought About 1

Why Rosemary is a Super Herb

Rosemary has long been one of our favorite herbs here at Kissed by the Sun - that's why we incorporate this flavorful spice into more than a quarter of our blends. Native to the Mediterranean region Rosemary is one of the strongest, most aromatic herbs out there and is commonly found in dips, roasted chicken, and as a toasted garnish. Despite it's most common uses we discovered some unusual and unique applications when sourcing our organic Rosemary. These are just the 5 most interesting we suspect most home cooks may not know about.

1.) Rosemary Is A Natural Deodorant - Chemical rich hygiene products can be safely ( and odorlessly) tossed aside by a simple change in diet. Scientists say one of the most effective ways to improve your body oder is by using fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, and mint.

2.) Ditch the Rogain For Some Fresh Herbs  - There has been a recent boom in Rosemary infused hair products after research showed Rosemary's all natural powers of stimulating the scalp, unblocking hair follicles, and removing impurities.

3.) Add It To Drinks - Rosemary isn't just for cooking anymore. A recent survey of bartenders from across the country put Rosemary as one of the top ten garnishes for speciality cocktails. In addition Rosemary can add a distinct flavor to all kinds of juiced drinks and many restaurants have been serving a popular grapefruit infused rosemary blend mixture in place of regular water.

4.) Make Your Home Smell Great - We all know about candles and incense but have you heard of a Simmer Pot before? Fill a saucepan with water, bring to a boil, and add a lRosemary. Before you know the whole house will be smelling like the kitchen at a 5 star restaurant. 

5.) It's A Bold Addition To Any Spice Blend - Ok...so we didn't have to do too much research to figure this one out but it definitely needs to be noted. Whether your mixing your own herbs or using blends like ours Rosemary adds a fresh aromatic element to any blend or meal. It's no surprise two of our most popular spice blends - Garlic N Herbs and Black Pepper & Herbs - are packed with this super charged ingredient!   

Health Benefits of Organic 0

Why are lots of people going organic and raving about the health advantages of eating organic food? The better question is, are there any specific health benefits? What lots of people don't know is the fact that there are a lot of positives to eating organic food, and also there are some who would alternatively die than eat non organic food. The major issue is the use of pesticides and chemical additives in our food. While comparing our diets to jungle people as well as tribes who live off of food sources that are considerably pure compared to ours in the United States and also Western Europe, we consume man made chemical substances and they don't. We also have a very higher amount of cancer instances that are growing at alarming rates each day. 

The amount of physicians and scientists across the world that are in agreement concerning the hazards of chemical substances in foods continue growing each year. Nobody can deny that the amount of degenerative illnesses in the west have gotten out of control when looking at the statistics set out by the United States Cancers Institute: 

Years to come, Cancer probably will become the leading cause of death. 
Cancer is the number one root cause of death in children in between ages 1 to 14 
A new cancer is clinically diagnosed every 30 seconds 
About 500 ,000 people die from cancer every year. 
One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 
These statistics are extremely scary mainly because the number of people who won’t get cancer appears to be shrinking every year! In Europe and the U.S. research has shown that pesticides possess extremely harmful effects, particularly in children. Chemical additives as well as pesticides are toxic simply because they damage enzymes that play a part in cell processes. When an enzyme is damaged the control of cell growth and maintenance may be disrupted, causing loads of problems for the body. This is the reason exactly why people are flocking to health foods stores as well as local markets to get organic food. Organic foods give people the opportunity to eat food which does not have genetically modified organisms, synthetic pesticides, chemicals additives and colors. 

In countries such as Sweden and Norway they have banned particular foods dyes and preservatives due to the discovery of health problems associated with them. Many of these chemicals have yet to be banned in the U.S. But at the end of the day one thing for certain is the need for an evaluation of our lifestyle. We need turn away from synthetic and processed and turn towards healthy food that will contribute to a strong, resilient body. By continuously pumping our bodies with poison, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of health.


If you'd like to check out a full selection of our organic offerings, click here.  

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What Is Seasoned Sea Salt? 0

What is Seasoned Sea Salt

What is Traditional Seasoned Sea Salt Mean

Seasoned Sea Salt is a classic spice blend made from salt and other herbs and spices. Traditionally used in fish n chips shop and take out food stores "Seasoned Salt" has come to - unfortunately - include some dosage of monosodium glutamate, better known as MSG. In some parts of the world it's know as "chicken salt" because the additional ingredients come from chicken extracts...so vegetarians and vegans beware when shopping for Seasoned Salts online.

What is KBS Sun Seasoned Sea Salt

Our version of KBS Seasoned Sea Salt is different from the classic seasoned sea salt found in most restaurants and in grocery stores. Our blend contains no MSG or artificial ingredients and what is truly unique is in the size of the herbs we add to the mix. By incorperating bulkier dehydrated herbs like parsley, garlic, and ginger root the actual kosher sea salt found in our blend sifts to the bottom of the jar leaving just a small trace of salt that gets consumed - translation - our Seasoned Sea Salt blend flavor comes from the additional herbs and not the salt making our blend a hit with folks on salt restricted diets.

Try our Seasoned Sea Salt and learn more about low sodium cooking at out blog!


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How To Make A Spice Rub For Steak | Kissed by the Sun Spices 0

Make a homemade spice rub for steak

Making the Perfect Homemade Steak Rub 

A perfectly cooked and properly seasoned steak is a beautiful thing...when done right. It's tough to think of something better to eat during grill season so we wanted to share some insight to help you create your own homemade rub and what inspired our two most popular grill seasonings in our Sizzlin' Steak Rub and Black Pepper & Herbs.

Salt, Pepper, & The Other Stuff

So what are the keys to crafting the perfect Steak Rub you may ask...well it comes down to a few things. Traditionally most steak seasonings call for some element of sodium. The salt helps curate and tenderize the meat but unfortunately most traditional grill rubs have abused this delicate balance. We have found many generic rubs to contain more than 50% salt and in our opinion - take it for it's worth - this suppresses flavor and can shoot your sodium consumption through the roof. When crafting our Sizzlin' Steak Rub however we do use kosher Sea Salt as a base, and that's the place to start. From there add different blends of your liking. We recommend whole peppercorns which when heated will crack and sizzle on your meats. Our blend uses crushed red pepper, caraway seeds, and garlic.

Low Sodium Grilling

Salt not your thing... a great alternative is using Black Pepper as a base to create a bold compliment to natural meat flavors. You'll find many steak houses and restaurants incorporate this into their menus with "Peppered Rib Eyes" or "Black Pepper Crusted" cuts. For our second most popular blend - Black Pepper & Herbs - we did just this. We wanted an earthy, natural flavor so we combined oregano, thyme, garlic, rosemary, and as the last ingredient we added kosher sea salt. For your own rub try mixing black pepper with cayenne or chili peppers for a spicy pepper twist!     


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Low Sodium Spices 0

no salt seasonings

No Salt Seasonings

Sodium free seasonings are not easy to come by as most imitators suffocate flavor with excess salt because, well...it tastes good! We love salt as much as the next guy but at the end of the day it all tastes the same. Our collection of low sodium spices and salt free seasonings are a great way to add flavor and flair to your meals without the high doses of sodium. In fact, many of our customers on salt restricted diets or with high blood pressure have told us that cooking with salt free blends has not only been healthier but a much more flavorful experience. While our flavors are low-no in sodium we do have four organic spices rubs that contain no sodium whatsoever. According to the Cleveland Health Clinic in order to be deemed “Low Sodium” it should not exceed 140 mg of sodium which means all of our seasoning blends meet the bill. However, for all those hungry folks who can’t have any salt in their diets here’s a list of our completely salt free organic spices.

salt free sweet hot seasoning

Sweet & Hot Salt Free Spice

Our version of organic crushed pepper flakes this spicy yet subtle seasoning captures that hot pepper flavor without the burn. Perfect for fish, vegetables, eggs, pastas, or rice. We also love this on popcorn in place of regular salt.

salt free sunny island spice seasoningSunny Island Salt Free

Our newest organic spice blend is made with onion, garlic, paprika, and lemon zest and is perfect for the summer. The citrus peel hits the taste  buds much like salt making this a great alternative to the folks who love that salt flavor but need to cut down.  

salt free garlic seasoning spiceSalt Free Garlic N Herbs Rub

Everybody likes garlic….and everybody knows someone who likes garlic just a little bit too much. Our Garlic N Herbs Salt Free Spice is a great balance between fresh garlic flavor and overpowering. Because it is a salt free seasoning you can use it heavily for a strong garlic taste or season lightly for a more subtle flavor.

citrus low sodium seasoningLemon, Lime, & Orange Peel Pepper
All the citrus notes come together for this extremely unique blend. Instead of using salt as a base we chose white pepper to give the blend structure and balance.
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Organic Spices Vs McCormicks 0

Organic Steak Seasoning Vs McCormicks Montreal

We carry organic and all purpose spices but if we had a nickel for every time someone asked us if we had anything like McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning...well, we’d have at least enough nickels to buy a real organic Steak Rub. Despite popular belief Montreal Steak was not created by the artificial spice conglomerate better known as McCormicks. The origins of the classic meat rub go far back and originate from pickling mixes used in Eastern Europe and in Romanian Jewish cuisine. While we wouldn’t define our KBS Sizzlin’ Steak as a Montreal Rub by definition it certainly goes on everything you could ever dream of grilling and when compared to McCormicks Montreal it’s not only the taste but the ingredients that make our blend a world better. See for yourself!

low sodium organic spice blends

  • Richard Fickhesen

Low Sodium Salt 0

What We Mean When We Say "Low Sodium Salt Alternative" 

Our best selling Seasoned Sea Salt was the original and first spice blend our family ever created and it’s low sodium content is without question what put us on the map. When customers on low sodium diets or with high blood pressure continued to reach out and thank us for our flavorful blend we knew we were on to something. Recently, while at a new show in Rochester NY, a customer tried our Seasoned Sea Salt and refused to believe it could be low in sodium based on the salty flavor of the blend. In response to this inquiry we thought what better way to answer her question than with a full comparison of a jar Seasoned Sea Salt and of regular table salt.  

low sodium salt alternative

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5 Surprisingly Salty Processed Foods 0

How To Avoid the Sodium

It’s in you morning bowl of cereal, it’s in your condiments, it’s in your bread and it’s even in those scrumptious ready bake cookie and cake mixes we all love so much. We aren't talking about delicious flavor...we’re talking about sodium people! In today’s over saturated salt world you can run but you can not hide from the high doses of sodium in your everyday diet. With one in three adults in America having high blood pressure we thought it would be fun to compare a whole jar of our low sodium Seasoned Sea Salt with 5 unsuspecting foods to see how a whole jar of our spice stacked up. Let’s take a look…


It’s great in the morning but not great for you. Cereals have long been a unhealthy source of not only sugar but high doses of sodium as well. One box of Raisin Bran is equal to 3150 mg of sodium. That’s more than an entire jar of our Seasoned Sea Salt.




Italian Salad Dressing

If you are trying to eat healthy with veggies and salads don’t ruin it with fatty and high salt dressings. Instead use olive oils and seasonings to create low-no sodium toppings that are all natural and delicious. In this freighting comparison just one bottle of Ken’s Italian Dressing has as more salt than two WHOLE jars of Seasoned Sea Salt.

low sodium alternatives


Say it ain’t so! We really didn’t want to put this one on the list (we loved lunchables growing up...still do actually) but we had to for all the youngsters out there. One lunchable contains 1130 mg of salt meaning if you ate just three boxes that would be like going through a whole bottle of our low sodium salt.

low sodium spice seasoning

Dill Pickles

This one was a shocker and the Kosher Dill Pickle label was deceiving. With a serving size of 280 mg sodium per ¼ pickle that means one, just one pickle, equals 880 mg of sodium. Compare that to our low sodium Seasoned Sea Salt...if you ate just three and a half pickles that would be the equivalent of taking in an entire jar of our low salt substitute.

seasoned sea salt

Chicken Noodle Soup

While it’s great for beating a cold or flu Campbell's chicken noodle Soup is a sodium killer for people with high blood pressure. Just ½ cup contains 940 mg meaning one and a half cups of soup would be the same as consuming a whole jar of our Low Sodium Seasoned Sea Salt.

low sodium salt replacement

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No Salt? No Problem! 0

Low Sodium Alternatives

 Low Sodium Alternatives

Why is everyone talking about low sodium alternatives and substitutes to help lower salt intake? Well, sodium is essential for the human body. It helps regulate fluids, plays a pivotal role in kidney health, and even maintains nerve transmissions that help our muscles communicate. Salt has always been an important part of human society dating all the way back to ancient Egypt where it was used as a fundamental part of religious ceremonies. In recent years our body’s natural desire for salt has evolved from playground crush into heated love affair. In this article we will explore some of the negative side effects of a high sodium diet and share with you some of our favorite alternatives to help you eat what you love without all the sodium.


Too Much Sodium


With our body’s natural craving for sodium to perform basic functions it’s no surprise that you will find a dash of salt in pretty much every recipe out there. According to the American Heart Association the high doses of sodium in our diets arn’t from these home cooked creations. Over 75% of sodium consumption comes from restaurants and processed food you will buy in stores. Most have heard how all this salt can play a key role in heart health with excessive amounts of sodium leading to high blood pressure and ultimately a higher risk of stroke or heart failure. In addition, it can lead to excessive calcium excretion in the urine is believed to increase the risk of blood thinning and according to a 2011 Canadian study on older adults high-sodium diets were linked to increased risk of cognitive decline. If that’s not enough to a report by the medical news Today a skin symptom known as edema, swelling of the feet , hands, arms, ankles, is caused by fluid retention and correlates directly with excessive salt diets. So how can you avoid all this sodium and improve your diet while not retreating to boring bland meals? We have found some great products to help you eat what you love that are full of flavor and low in salt.


Low- No Sodium Alternatives


Seasoned Sea Salt by Kissed by the Sun Spices – So I’m a little biased here seeing as this is one of our very own creations but our Seasoned Sea Salt blend has been popular with hungry folks on low sodium diets for over ten years. This low sodium salt replacement allows you to capture that familiar salt flavor but reduces the serving amount significantly by incorporating organic garlic, rosemary, ginger root & parsley into the blend. For those who can’t go cold turkey this is a great alternative and it can be used in place of salt in any recipe.


Flavored Oils & Vinegars – Many store bought marinades for meats and chicken are filled with high doses od sodium, same goes for seemingly “low fat & healthy” salad dressings. Don’t be fooled. Try experimenting with different olive oils and vinegars for your salad dressings, meat, & poultry marinades. We recommend D’Avolio, this mom & pop shop has hundreds of gourmet oils and vinegars along with healthy recipes available on their website.


Herb-Ox Bouillon – For many recipes that call for broths, bouillon, or condensed stock these base ingredients can be high salt killers. Herb-Ox Bouillon offers many low or no sodium stocks for soups, gravies, marinades, stews, rice dishes, pasta, & more.


Avoid Frozen Vegetables – Did you know the average serving of plain frozen broccoli is over 25 milligrams of salt? Many processed foods, even vegetables are packed with salt. Check the label and buy fresh vegetables whenever you can and season with sodium free spices.


Use More Citrus & Lemon – Lemon juice & salt trigger very similar taste receptors. Add some lemon juice or shaved lemon zest to almost any meal and you will capture that familiar salt flavor. One of the most popular seasoning blends we carry for our no sodium


Unsalted butter – Ok, this one may be obvious but none the less we wanted to mention it. Ghee Organic from Purity Farms is our favorite butter substitute.


Kissed by the Sun Salt Free Spices – While the popular Seasoned Salt is a great alternative for those not looking to completely cut salt, there are also four delicious salt free seasonings great for salt free cooking. While many have citrus notes with lemon peel our favorite is the Garlic n Herbs blend.


Sunny Island

Garlic N Herbs

Lemon, Lime, & Orange Peel

Sweet & Hot Peppers






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