Sizzlin' Steak Organic Spice Seasoning – Kissed by the Sun

Sizzlin' Steak Seasoning


Kissed by the Sun Sizzlin' Steak Seasoning

Whole peppercorns crack and sizzle with heat, while kosher sea salt, garlic, and red peppers complement natural meat flavors for a truly unique taste. Season on everything from venison, steak, pork, tenderloins, roasts, chicken, or burgers. Add to marinades, use as a dry a rub before you add food to the grill, or sprinkle on prepared food for a bold garnish. And that's not all...the versatile flavor of our Sizzlin' Steak makes a great addition to vegetables, eggs, pastas, popcorn and even is used on smoked jerky!

Blended to perfection with

organic low sodium steak seasoning

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