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"They add so much flavor without adding too much salt." 

By Brittany Rowan

I absolutely LOVE Kissed by the Sun's amazing spices and seasonings! I never cook without them now. I especially love the sea salt, black pepper, and garlic blends. They add so much flavor without adding too much salt. Great on chicken, eggs, soups, vegetables....everything. Their people are so friendly when I've seen them in-person at various events. I'm so glad I can order off their website, because I run out so fast.

- Facebook

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Sweet & Hot Peppers By Susie W

I believe this is my 8th large container of this. My family cannot go one meal without it! We use it on and in everything! It enhances the flavor of all kinds of foods from meats to veggies and everything in between! If you don't try anything else, definitely try this!!

- Facebook

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Sizzlin Steak By Keith H.

Love it! Rarely will there be a product that after that initial buy I will purchase again. (Lots of competition) This one has a really different and delicious flavor. Has me sold!

- Website

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Garlic N Herbs By Nancy S.

This is the best spice! It goes on everything from eggs, meats, rice, potatoes. perfect seasoning.

- Website

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