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Health Benefits of Organic

Why are lots of people going organic and raving about the health advantages of eating organic food? The better question is, are there any specific health benefits? What lots of people don't know is the fact that there are a lot of positives to eating organic food, and also there are some who would alternatively die than eat non organic food. The major issue is the use of pesticides and chemical additives in our food. While comparing our diets to jungle people as well as tribes who live off of food sources that are considerably pure compared to ours in the United States and also Western Europe, we consume man made chemical substances and they don't. We also have a very higher amount of cancer instances that are growing at alarming rates each day. 

The amount of physicians and scientists across the world that are in agreement concerning the hazards of chemical substances in foods continue growing each year. Nobody can deny that the amount of degenerative illnesses in the west have gotten out of control when looking at the statistics set out by the United States Cancers Institute: 

Years to come, Cancer probably will become the leading cause of death. 
Cancer is the number one root cause of death in children in between ages 1 to 14 
A new cancer is clinically diagnosed every 30 seconds 
About 500 ,000 people die from cancer every year. 
One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 
These statistics are extremely scary mainly because the number of people who won’t get cancer appears to be shrinking every year! In Europe and the U.S. research has shown that pesticides possess extremely harmful effects, particularly in children. Chemical additives as well as pesticides are toxic simply because they damage enzymes that play a part in cell processes. When an enzyme is damaged the control of cell growth and maintenance may be disrupted, causing loads of problems for the body. This is the reason exactly why people are flocking to health foods stores as well as local markets to get organic food. Organic foods give people the opportunity to eat food which does not have genetically modified organisms, synthetic pesticides, chemicals additives and colors. 

In countries such as Sweden and Norway they have banned particular foods dyes and preservatives due to the discovery of health problems associated with them. Many of these chemicals have yet to be banned in the U.S. But at the end of the day one thing for certain is the need for an evaluation of our lifestyle. We need turn away from synthetic and processed and turn towards healthy food that will contribute to a strong, resilient body. By continuously pumping our bodies with poison, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of health.


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