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Low Sodium Spices

no salt seasonings

No Salt Seasonings

Sodium free seasonings are not easy to come by as most imitators suffocate flavor with excess salt because, well...it tastes good! We love salt as much as the next guy but at the end of the day it all tastes the same. Our collection of low sodium spices and salt free seasonings are a great way to add flavor and flair to your meals without the high doses of sodium. In fact, many of our customers on salt restricted diets or with high blood pressure have told us that cooking with salt free blends has not only been healthier but a much more flavorful experience. While our flavors are low-no in sodium we do have four organic spices rubs that contain no sodium whatsoever. According to the Cleveland Health Clinic in order to be deemed “Low Sodium” it should not exceed 140 mg of sodium which means all of our seasoning blends meet the bill. However, for all those hungry folks who can’t have any salt in their diets here’s a list of our completely salt free organic spices.

salt free sweet hot seasoning

Sweet & Hot Salt Free Spice

Our version of organic crushed pepper flakes this spicy yet subtle seasoning captures that hot pepper flavor without the burn. Perfect for fish, vegetables, eggs, pastas, or rice. We also love this on popcorn in place of regular salt.

salt free sunny island spice seasoningSunny Island Salt Free

Our newest organic spice blend is made with onion, garlic, paprika, and lemon zest and is perfect for the summer. The citrus peel hits the taste  buds much like salt making this a great alternative to the folks who love that salt flavor but need to cut down.  

salt free garlic seasoning spiceSalt Free Garlic N Herbs Rub

Everybody likes garlic….and everybody knows someone who likes garlic just a little bit too much. Our Garlic N Herbs Salt Free Spice is a great balance between fresh garlic flavor and overpowering. Because it is a salt free seasoning you can use it heavily for a strong garlic taste or season lightly for a more subtle flavor.

citrus low sodium seasoningLemon, Lime, & Orange Peel Pepper
All the citrus notes come together for this extremely unique blend. Instead of using salt as a base we chose white pepper to give the blend structure and balance.
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