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Shop from brands like Yancey's Fancy CheesesLewiston Jams & JelliesWe R Nuts,  Laura's Raw Honey, Weber Maple Products, Fetch Dog Treats, Broadway Market's famous Malczewski’s Butter Lambs, Miller's Horseradish and Keeping Traditions Pierogi.

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The Buffalo Food Makers Collaboration was created to pool strengths and create a one-stop shop for people to buy local and get the added benefit of safe home delivery.

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Small Batch blends From Our Family To Yours

While imitators suffocate flavor with excess salt and artificial preservatives we look to transform everyday meals into something special. As a family owned and operated company we never have -and never will - compromise on quality or flavor. That's why all of our signature seasonings are blended to perfection using all-natural and organic ingredients that will never clump up or lose their fresh flavor.

Our Story


What makes our blends different


Using all natural dehydrated herbs means our spice blends will never clump or lose their fresh flavor - even years after opening.

All Purpose

Quality spice blends should be as versatile as they are tasty. Use any one of our seasonings for everything from meats and veggies to fish or popcorn. 

Low-No Sodium

Contrary to what's on most grocery store shelves, more sodium does not mean more flavor. Half of our blends contain no salt while the rest are low in sodium content.

Vegan, Paleo, keto friendly

Whether your cutting carbs, fat, or are vegan/vegetarian our blends are a game changer in helping achieve your dietary goals with no fat, calories, or sugar.

GLuten Free

Packaged in our facility in Amherst, NY all our Kissed by the Sun blends are 100% gluten free and pose no chance of cross containination with wheat.  

NO MSG Or artificial preservatives

Our blends contain no msg, preservatives, or harmful caking agents typically found in most mass produced seasonings. 

No problem. Avoid the sodium with our collection of salt free seasonings blends!

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