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What Is Seasoned Sea Salt?


What is Seasoned Sea Salt

What is Traditional Seasoned Sea Salt Mean

Seasoned Sea Salt is a classic spice blend made from salt and other herbs and spices. Traditionally used in fish n chips shop and take out food stores "Seasoned Salt" has come to - unfortunately - include some dosage of monosodium glutamate, better known as MSG. In some parts of the world it's know as "chicken salt" because the additional ingredients come from chicken extracts...so vegetarians and vegans beware when shopping for Seasoned Salts online.

What is KBS Sun Seasoned Sea Salt

Our version of KBS Seasoned Sea Salt is different from the classic seasoned sea salt found in most restaurants and in grocery stores. Our blend contains no MSG or artificial ingredients and what is truly unique is in the size of the herbs we add to the mix. By incorperating bulkier dehydrated herbs like parsley, garlic, and ginger root the actual kosher sea salt found in our blend sifts to the bottom of the jar leaving just a small trace of salt that gets consumed - translation - our Seasoned Sea Salt blend flavor comes from the additional herbs and not the salt making our blend a hit with folks on salt restricted diets.

Try our Seasoned Sea Salt and learn more about low sodium cooking at out blog!


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