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Vegan Kentucky Fried Cauliflower Recipe

Not only is our Kentucky Fried Cauliflower recipe finger lickin' good it's also made using all Vegan ingredients! Cauliflower is nutrient dense (fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K) and low calorie making it an easy choice in place of chicken. Made with our KBS Ragin' Cajun Seasoning add flavors like cayenne, paprika, mustard seed, chili powder, and garlic all in one simple step!  



1.) Remove stems from cauliflower and break bunch into 2-3 inch pieces.

2.) Add almond milk, lemon juice, KBS Ragin' Cajun, & whisk. Add more KBS Ragin' Cajun to panko bread crumbs then dip pieces into batter and coat. Add to baking shoot and cook at 390°F for 25-30 minutes - flip at least once for all around crispiness. Serve with pickles and dipping sauce. 

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