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Red Baby Potato Chicken Salad

chicken salad recipe

Made with KBS Black Pepper & Herbs 

Chicken and potato salad are two of the most popular dishes in the history of picnics and family dinners - but how come the two are always separate? Try combining these two classic cold salad combos with our Black Pepper & Herbs for a delightful party snack that packs double the deliciousness! 

Serves: A Party (3 to 4) 

Cook Time: 20 Minutes 

 Ingredients for Red Baby Potato Chicken Salad : 

- 1/2 red pepper, diced.

- 1 red onion, diced.

- 1/4 cup chives, diced. 

- 1 lb baby red potatoes, boiled and cooked. 

- 1/2 lb grilled chicken, diced.  

- 1/2 cup mayo. 

- Parsley for garnish.

Directions for Red Baby Potato Chicken Salad:

1.) After you boil the potatoes and grill chicken add to a bowl with the other ingredients. Mix together and let chill for about 30 minutes. Season generously with KBS Black Pepper & Herbs after it is cold. 

Note: Image is smaller serving than recipe.

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