Garlic Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe – Kissed by the Sun

Garlic Grilled Brussel Sprouts | Kissed by the Sun


low sodium brussel sprout recipe

Easy Brussel sprout recipe made with KBS Garlic N Herbs 

 Cook time: 25 minutes

Serves 1- 2

Ingredients for Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe

-1 pound of Brussel Sprouts

-½ stick of Salted Butter

-1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar

- KBS salt free Garlic & Herbs

Directions for Grilled Brussel Sprouts 

1.) Bring grill to medium heat and cut the brussel sprouts in halves in the meantime.

2.) In a large piece of tin foil, place the sprouts and a ¼ stick of butter on each side of the foil.

3.) Add balsamic and KBS Garlic & Herbs. Place on grill and cook for 25 minutes.

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  • Richard Fickhesen
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