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Biggie Smalls Burgers | Kissed by the Sun

mini burger recipe low sodium spice

Made with our KBS Sizzlin' Steak 

Cook time: 20 Minutes 

Serves: 1 to 2 

Slider Buns: There really aren’t any rules when it comes to Slider buns. If you’re not in the mood to make your own from scratch, you can use Williams-Sonoma brioche slider buns, sourdough buns (contains protein, minerals and fatty acids) or any type of mini bun. Or you can go bun-less and use the world’s healthiest bun alternatives Kale or romaine lettuce. Simply take a large firm slice of kale or romaine lettuce and slice to fit your burger.Ingredients for Mini Burger Slider Recipe:

- 1/2 pound ground beef

- 3 mini slider rolls

- 3 teaspoons of gorgonzola cheese

- 1 teaspoon of Ranch dressing

KBS Sizzlin’ Steak Seasoning

Directions for Mini Burger Slider Recipe:

1.) Fire up the grill and set it on high heat. In the meantime, make 3 mini patties with ground beef and our Sizzlin' Steak seasoning.

2.) Take teaspoons of gorgonzola and ranch and mix in a small bowl.

3.) Once grill is at high heat, cook burgers to medium-rare (about 2 minutes per side). Then place a teaspoon or so of gorgonzola cheese mixture on the burgers and let cheese melt for another 2 minutes.

4.) Once that’s done plate burgers on slider rolls. Feel free to add a side like fries or onion rings as well.

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