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Spice Up Sushi | Kissed by the sun

sushi recipe low sodium

Kissed By The Sun organic blends can be added to any type of sushi, rice, seaweed salad and other Asian inspired food. Our Sweet & Hot Peppers Blend or Lemon, Lime, & Orange Peel Blend is recommended for sushi and other seafood recipes.

Benefits of Using Organic Ingredients: It not only enhances the taste of your food, it isn’t made from toxic preservatives and harmful pesticides. Organic ingredients found in spices has a slightly higher nutrition value than conventional. Plus, it just tastes better!

Most people are aware that highly processed food ingredients can have a negative effect on their health. Processed ingredients can also have an impact on the quality of taste. In some cases, processed (or refined) ingredients can cause certain foods (chicken, fish, beef, pork, vegetables, and etc.) to have an after taste. The good news? You won’t experience this problem when you use organic ingredients.

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