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5 Surprisingly Salty Processed Foods

How To Avoid the Sodium

It’s in you morning bowl of cereal, it’s in your condiments, it’s in your bread and it’s even in those scrumptious ready bake cookie and cake mixes we all love so much. We aren't talking about delicious flavor...we’re talking about sodium people! In today’s over saturated salt world you can run but you can not hide from the high doses of sodium in your everyday diet. With one in three adults in America having high blood pressure we thought it would be fun to compare a whole jar of our low sodium Seasoned Sea Salt with 5 unsuspecting foods to see how a whole jar of our spice stacked up. Let’s take a look…


It’s great in the morning but not great for you. Cereals have long been a unhealthy source of not only sugar but high doses of sodium as well. One box of Raisin Bran is equal to 3150 mg of sodium. That’s more than an entire jar of our Seasoned Sea Salt.




Italian Salad Dressing

If you are trying to eat healthy with veggies and salads don’t ruin it with fatty and high salt dressings. Instead use olive oils and seasonings to create low-no sodium toppings that are all natural and delicious. In this freighting comparison just one bottle of Ken’s Italian Dressing has as more salt than two WHOLE jars of Seasoned Sea Salt.

low sodium alternatives


Say it ain’t so! We really didn’t want to put this one on the list (we loved lunchables growing up...still do actually) but we had to for all the youngsters out there. One lunchable contains 1130 mg of salt meaning if you ate just three boxes that would be like going through a whole bottle of our low sodium salt.

low sodium spice seasoning

Dill Pickles

This one was a shocker and the Kosher Dill Pickle label was deceiving. With a serving size of 280 mg sodium per ¼ pickle that means one, just one pickle, equals 880 mg of sodium. Compare that to our low sodium Seasoned Sea Salt...if you ate just three and a half pickles that would be the equivalent of taking in an entire jar of our low salt substitute.

seasoned sea salt

Chicken Noodle Soup

While it’s great for beating a cold or flu Campbell's chicken noodle Soup is a sodium killer for people with high blood pressure. Just ½ cup contains 940 mg meaning one and a half cups of soup would be the same as consuming a whole jar of our Low Sodium Seasoned Sea Salt.

low sodium salt replacement

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