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Low-Sodium Solutions

Salt Free Spices For High Blood Pressure and Low Sodium Diet

 Low Sodium Spices

Sodium plays a key role in our body’s everyday functions, from regulating fluids to heart health, our natural desire for salt is often undeniable. For many people with high blood pressure or on salt restricted diets cooking without sodium can be a difficult task. According to the American Heart Health Association the average American consumes twice the amount of the recommended daily intake. In the Kissed by the Sun Kitchen we have found some great ways to improve your diet without sacrificing flavor.


Use citrus in place of salt:


Most don’t know it but citric acid hits your taste buds much like salt does. Replace lemon juice in marinades or in recipes to capture a familiar salt flavor without the sodium. Our Salt Free Sunny Island Blend (link) made from paprika, garlic, onion peel, & lemon zest does just this. Use it on popcorn, chicken, meats, summer vegetables, or anything you would normally put salt on for a salt free delicious flavor. Another popular alternative to salt is our Lemon, Lime, & Orange Peel Blend. It boasts a salt free content and is great for fish and vegetables.


For more information on a salt free diet visit these resources.

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